BAOT Hands-on courses in Brazil May 25, 2022

BAOT in Brazil

BAOT's dental porcelain powder hands-on course was perfectly ended in Brazil. In this course, BAOT KOL Bruno Marquesini brings professional technical guidance on the use of porcelain powder.


Dental Ceramic Powder for Porcelain Denture


BAOT KOL Bruno Marquesini has over 10 years of experience as a dental technician and is the owner of the Marquesini Laboratory. He is experienced in the use of BAOT dental ceramic powder, and his works are esthetic and natural.



The course attracted students from all over Brazil to participate to learn how to perfectly build up prostheses of dental ceramics. In the course, everyone follows the lecturer Bruno and adjusts the details of the porcelain step by step to achieve the ideal result. After the course was over, the students returned with a full load.

Everyone's satisfaction is our greatest happiness.


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