MIIYEN — Dental Material Expert Dec 12, 2021

MIIYEN is a sub-brand of BAOT, specializing in manufacturing dental zirconia blocks and other dental materials. We have 11 types of zirconia blocks, like ALL IN ONE 3D Pro ML zirconia blocks, HT- Plus white, UT Multilayer, etc.

Different usage depends on their different flexural strength and light transmittance. Over 1400PMa high flexural strength HT-Plus white zirconia disc is strong enough that is suitable for crowns or bridges.

While 3D Pro ML monolithic zirconia is the material that combines strength and esthetics with 42%-57% light transmittance and 800-1200MPa flexural strength, you can simply use it in almost all cases. That's why we call it ALL IN ONE zirconia block.

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