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  • Masashi Kawabata
    Masashi Kawabata
    Masashi Kawabata from Japan. Master in Japan for 25 years Running TEETH HAT Studio for 18 years in Japan Producing more than 160000 crowns   What Does He Say about BAOT?  今回BAOTの磁器パウダーを使ってみてBAOTの磁器パウダーはとてもデリケートだと思います 操作性がとても良く、泡が出ません 焼成後の仕上がりもとても良く、透明感と正しい発色 収縮率が非常に小さいため、最終的な入れ歯の効果を単純に反映できます  他の日本ブランドの磁器粉に比べて、BAOTの磁器粉は繊細で扱いやすいです。   After using BAOT dental porcelain, I feel BAOT porcelain is one very fine powder. Excellent handling experience and air bubbles won’t appear. The result after firing is also excellent. Good translucency and accurate shades. Due to the low shrinkage rate, the final result of the crown can be easily achieved.   Compared with other Japanese porcelain brands, I think BAOT porcelain is more delicate and with better handling.      Appreciation of Masashi Kawabata's Works
  • Ernesto Larios Montano
    Ernesto Larios Montano
    Ernesto Larios Montano from El Salvador. Dental Prosthesis Technician Master in Salvador for more than 20 years With rich experience in porcelain Good at giving works ingenious creativity, creating highly artistic works   As an old friend of BAOT, Ernesto can always surprise everyone with his work. You will be surprised: "Why does he always have so many wonderful ideas?".   What Does He Say about BAOT? Hace 3 años tocarón a mi puerta, me ofrecieron  la oportunidad de poder trabajar  en mi laboratorio, un nuevo producto, una nueva marca. En este proceso de aprender como usarlo, nos encontramos con muchas dificultades por querer usar BAOT con las mismas costumbres de las marcas antes usadas en nuestro laboratorio.  Fue complicado, era más fácil dejar de usarlo y no aprender de las nuevas cerámicas dentales que están evolucionando el mercado.  BAOT fue un reto, un desafío! Poco a poco supimos las deficiencias como técnicos al usar el producto. El error más grande fue querer usar BAOT de la misma manera que otras.  Por lo tanto hoy en día, Baot fue una escuela, una experiencia. Llego al país lo más básico. Que traía de nuevo?  En mi país era un primer el mezclar una marca con otra.  BAOT nos decia: puedes usar con BAOT cualquier cerámica compatible! Fue una explosión de cabeza el tener una empresa y una marca que nos dijera con toda seguridad que podíamos hacer las mezclas. Me gustó su traslúcido, su tono exacto al usar las respectivas masas. Me gustó su naturalidad y su sencillez. Me a asombrado que en poco tiempo, ya tiene muchos colores, masas de efectos, incisales, y manchas. Me sorprende como va mejorando a pasos agigantados el poder ofrecernos lo mejor para nuestros clientes.  No me puedo quejar, e dejado el 100% de usar otras marcas y me e quedado con BAOT. sobre metales y ZIRCONIO. en su totalidad de uso en mi laboratorio.  Muchas gracias BAOT   3 years ago they knocked on my door, they offered me the opportunity to work in my laboratory, on a new product, a new brand. In this process of learning how to use BAOT dental porcelain powder, we encountered many difficulties when we wanted to use BAOT with the same customs as the other brands used in our laboratory previously. It made us feel a little complicated at the time. It's actually very easy for us to stop using it and not learn to use a new brand that is constantly evolving. BAOT was a challenge, a challenge! Little by little, we learned the deficiencies of technicians when using the product. The biggest mistake was trying to use BAOT in the same way as others. Looking back at the scene at the time, BAOT was like a school, an experience. At that time, the most basic dental porcelain powder BAOT came to our country. What did it bring? In my country, it was the first time to mix one ...
  • Christian Arias
    Christian Arias
      Christian Arias from Argentina. Degree: Dental Technician 1994 University of Buenos Aires ( UBA )   More than 25 years working in his own laboratory Actually director and owner of 5D DENTAL LAB PROESTE active member Dictator of several courses for the Technicians Association PROESTE and others all over the country Lecturer at Expodent Argentina Specialist in esthetic and rehabilitation with implants   What Does He Say about BAOT?  Masas cerámicas BAOT, tanto para Metalcerámica como también para Cerámica sobre estructuras de Zr. Desde mayor opacidad y croma a mayor translucidez y menor intensidad matiz. Con la posibilidad de combinar con otras masas cerámicas del sistema, para conseguir características y tonos exclusivos.   BAOT dental ceramic powder is available for metal framework and zirconia framework. It has good opacity and chromaticity. Its system makes it possible to combine with other ceramic powder and achieve exclusive characteristics and hue.   Following is the Appreciation of Christian Arias's Excellent Work   
  • Bruno Marquesini
    Bruno Marquesini
    Bruno Marquesini from Brazil. More than 10 years of experience as a dental technician Owner of the Marquesini laboratory   What Does He Say about BAOT? A cerâmica Baot é incrível, sensacional resistência, contração quase zero com precisão de cor  perfeita para  chegar na escala vita e com massas de efeitos perfeitas para atender a naturalidade . BAOT ceramic is incredible, has sensational resistance, almost zero shrinkage with perfect color accuracy to reach the VITA shade guide, and has the same perfect result as natural teeth.   Appreciation of Bruno Marquesini's Works
  • Sueyder Botelho
    Sueyder Botelho
    Sueyder Botelho from Brazil. Owner of the Stills 3D laboratory Specialization: technician in dental prosthesis trained by the technical school of Monte Sião Specialty: dental rehabilitation of the whole mouth Speaker for 3 years Consultant for BAOT for 1 year   Appreciation of Sueyder Botelho's Works
  • Evgeny Stotsky
    Evgeny Stotsky
      Evgeny Stotsky from Kazakhstan. More than 12 years in the dental industry Professional in  Morphology and Anatomy of living teeth (carving) now, conduct courses, seminars, and webinars for BAOT ceramics   Evgeny Stotsky is a seasoned dental professional with more than 12 years of experience in the field. His expertise lies in the morphology and anatomy of living teeth, particularly excelling in the art of tooth carving. His wealth of knowledge and practical experience makes him an ideal instructor, providing valuable insights into the field of dentistry for his students.   Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, participating in Evgeny Stotsky's courses and seminars promises to be highly beneficial. His teaching style is engaging and easy to comprehend, with a strong emphasis on practical application, helping students elevate their dental skills.   Appreciation of Evgeny Stotsky's Works
  • Michail Seldkov
    Michail Seldkov
    Michail Seldkov from the Republic of Lithuania. Master for more than 25 years Founder of the first private laboratory in Belarus. Owner of the digital laboratory “IQ ProLab” in Lithuania He is an excellent dental technician and a great tutor who give wonderful classes to beginners in BAOT.    Appreciation of Michail Seldkov's Works
  • Michael Naseem
    Michael Naseem
    Michael Naseem from Egypt. Department of Dental Prosthodontic, Health Technology Institute, Cairo University 2007  Advanced specialized postgraduate studies, Health Technology, Cairo University 2017 Founder & owner Dream Dental Lab 2015 - 2022 Work as a dental technologist since 2007 Use of CAD/CAM to design a variety of dental devices and build up ceramic for all restorations Micheal Naseem joined in BAOT KOL Association in 2022 and is a new friend of BAOT. Looking forward to a better future together!   Appreciation of Michael Naseem's Works
  • Pierre Daurin
    Pierre Daurin
    Pierre Daurin from France has been working as a dental technician for over 20 years. He specializes in CAD/CAM design and is a digital dentistry expert, 3D printing expert, and guide surgery and esthetics restoration expert. As a member of the BAOT KOL Association, Pierre Daurin will continue to provide our customers with technical guidance and create a better future together! Let's Enjoy the Works of Pierre Daurin Here are some premium aesthetic works of Pierre Daurin.

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