BAOT in the Republic of Moldova May 13, 2022

BAOT is Coming!

Today BAOT and Mr. Michail Sledkov came to a historic country - Moldova, which is a country located in southeastern Europe. BAOT has been working in the Moldova market for many years and has accumulated many loyal customers.


Today's class is taught by Master Mr. Michail, who has worked as a dental technician for more than 25 years and has rich experience in producing dental restorations. His works are natural, lifelike and beautiful.


Dental Ceramic Material Powder for restoration

In this course, the master Mr. Michail Sledkov explained the operation skill of BAOT dental porcelain and zirconia blocks.


Then demonstrated how to build up a tooth with BAOT dental porcelain to the students on the spot. Students actively come forward to watch and learn the skills.


We hope everyone can gain something from the BAOT master class and use what they have learned to become an outstanding dental technician. 

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