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BAOT can provide you with high-quality lab-side and chairside dental materials, such as dental ceramics, zirconia blocks, dental alloy, glass ceramic, milling machine, etc. at a competitive price.
  • Dental Ceramics/ Porcelain Dental Ceramics/ Porcelain
    Dental Ceramics/ Porcelain
    PFM & PFZ Dental Ceramics It's easy to build up, has low sintering shrinkage, and has tight integration of each layer. BAOT dental ceramic/porcelain is designed to make dental works simple and efficient, and make people more confident and healthier!
  • Zirconia Block Zirconia Block
    Zirconia Block
    Aesthetic & Functional Compatible MIIYEN is a sub-brand of BAOT, which specializes in manufacturing dental zirconia blocks and other dental materials. Dental zirconia block is a special dental restoration material. It requires less equipment, time, and materials than others. MIIYEN zirconia materials can meet the needs of the laboratory with customized solutions, which is the first choice for dental laboratories.
  • Stain & Glaze Paste Stain & Glaze Paste
    Stain & Glaze Paste
    Easy Stain & Natural Result
  • Milling Machine Milling Machine
    Milling Machine
    High-speed & Precision
  • Sintering Furnace Sintering Furnace
    Sintering Furnace
    High-quality Firing Results

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Who Are We? BAOT Biological Technology Co., Ltd established in 2008, is located in Zhongshan Guangdong China, and has over 100 employees nowadays. We adhere to the core value of running a business as an enterprise and focusing on the innovation and challenges in dentistry, forging ahead and going beyond ourselves.   What Do We Have? We have strong R&D capabilities, which a group of scientists and engineers drives to ensure product portfolios catch up with the dentistry trends. Modernized production lines of dental materials and equipment, such as dental ceramic powder, zirconia blocks, milling machines, etc. guarantee strict quality control and fast delivery.   Our products have gained certificate patent, FDA, CE 1639, ISO 13485, and Class II Production License of Medical, and also the honor of High-tech Enterprise. BAOT dental materials are available and provide professional dental solutions in more than 80 countries.   What Can We Do? As a professional dental material manufacturer, we are proud to provide the dental industry with first-class products at the most competitive price and 24-hour service for 7 days per week. While we also provide technical support online and offline. Online you can contact us through our website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, phone, etc. Offline you can get help from our local service providers and global training sessions taught by experienced professional masters.
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BAOT adheres to the core value of running a business as an enterprise. We are focusing on the innovation and challenge in dentistry, forging ahead and going beyond ourselves.
  • 24*7 After sales
    24*7 After sales
    24*7 After Sales Service, Professional manufacturer We offer 24*7 after-sales service Online you can contact us through our website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, phone, etc. Offline, you can get help from our local service providers If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!
  • Professional R&D
    Professional R&D
    Strong R&D Capabilities Driven by A Group of Scientists and Engineers BAOT Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for decades. We have strong R&D capabilities, which a group of scientists and engineers drives to ensure product portfolios catch up with the dentistry trends. Modernized production lines of dental materials and equipment, such as dental ceramic powder, zirconia blocks, lithium disilicate glass ceramics, press ingot, milling machines, etc. guarantee strict quality control and fast delivery.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    BAOT Has Been Recognized by Lots of Global Markets. And has obtained the Class Ⅱ PL of MDP & ISO 13485 in 2013, the CE 0120 in 2015, and completed FDA registration in 2019
  • Global Training
    Global Training
    Hand-on Sessions taught by experienced professional masters BAOT provides global training sessions from time to time. If you want to know how to use BAOT dental materials to achieve natural aesthetics or meet the special requirements of patients, you can participate in the BAOT professional global training to improve your skills. Each training session will be attended by professional dental masters. BAOT will provide you with good after-sales service in all aspects around the clock.
We are leading dentistry manufacturers with customers across the world.
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BAOT is committed to providing aesthetic and durable dental materials for dental laboratories and dental clinics and making the work simple and efficient.
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Provide you with the latest dental industry information, technological innovations, company dynamics and market trends.
Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice 2024
  Dear Customers, Thank you for your continuous support and trust! As the Dragon Boat Festival of 2024 approaches, we extend our sincere greetings to you and inform you of our holiday schedule.   Our company will be closed from June 8th (Saturday) to June 10th (Monday), 2024, for the Dragon Boat Festival, a total of three days. We will resume normal operations on June 11th (Tuesday).   To ensure your business is not affected, please arrange your order in advance. If you have any urgent needs, please contact us promptly, and we will be at your service.   During the holiday, our hotline will remain open. You can reach us through the following ways: Phone/WhatsApp: +86 13996279938Email:   Thank you for your understanding and support! We wish you a peaceful Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family! Best regards, BAOT Team
Jun 06,2024
Important Notice: International Labor Day holiday
  Dear friends, As the International Labor Day holiday approaches, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued trust and support in our dental materials. We would like to inform you in advance of our holiday arrangements. According to the national statutory holiday schedule, our company will be closed from May 1st (Monday) to May 5th (Friday), during which time we will suspend shipping services. Therefore, we kindly ask you to plan your material purchases accordingly to avoid any delays in your work progress. Although shipping services will be temporarily suspended during the holiday period, we remain committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the Labor Day holiday. If you have any inquiries or concerns about our dental porcelain powders, dental zirconia, dental stain & glaze pastes, or any other products during the holiday, our customer service team will be available to assist you. You can reach us via phone, email, or online chat, and we will respond promptly to assist. Once again, we sincerely thank you for your support and understanding. We wish you a pleasant and relaxing holiday, and we look forward to continuing our partnership after the holiday. Best regards, BAOT
Apr 24,2024
The Qingming Festival is coming!
  Dear Customers,   As the Qingming Festival approaches, we extend our sincere greetings and blessings to you during this season of spring's return and the revival of all things!   During the Qing-ming Festival, we have decided to arrange a holiday schedule. Please note that we will be closed for 3 days from April 4th to April 6th, and we will resume work on April 7th. The production and delivery services for products such as dental porcelain powder and zirconia blocks will be temporarily suspended during this period.   The Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, a day for honoring ancestors and recalling history. On this special day, we hope you can fully enjoy the pleasure of outings and appreciate the charm of nature.   During the holiday, if you have any needs or questions regarding products such as dental porcelain powder and zirconia blocks, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you promptly after the holiday.   Finally, we sincerely thank you for your long-term support and trust. Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, and blissful Qingming Festival holiday!   Best wishes from all of us: Happy Qingming Festival!   Yours sincerely, BAOT
Apr 02,2024
BAOT Shines at Dubai AEEDC Dental Exhibition with Innovative Dental Materials
  We are so glad to be here — at the Dubai AEEDC 2024 Dental Exhibition, showcasing a range of dental materials and technological products, and inviting experienced dental technician Ms. Rayena Zmandar to demonstrate the usage of our dental porcelain powder and Aurora & Pink stain paste, garnering praise from your alike. This exhibition not only showcased our company's latest achievements in the field of dental materials but also further promoted global cooperation and exchange in the oral healthcare industry.     As a global dental materials industry, our company exhibited several star products. Dental porcelain powder attracted much attention due to its excellent biocompatibility and aesthetics. This product, made with advanced technology, boasts excellent wear resistance and color stability, meeting the individual needs of different patients. At the same time, staining enamel paste also became a highlight of the exhibition with its rich color options and excellent adhesion. The enamel paste can precisely adjust tooth color, achieving natural and realistic restoration effects, and providing more possibilities for oral aesthetics. During the exhibition, Ms. Zmandar's professional demonstration allowed visitors to gain a more intuitive understanding of the correct usage and techniques of porcelain powder and staining enamel paste, with everyone expressing great benefit from the demonstration.   In addition, our exhibited zirconia blocks also received widespread attention due to their high strength and excellent biosafety. Moreover, the BT-M100 dental porcelain furnace became a focal point of the exhibition due to its efficient and precise performance. This equipment utilizes an intelligent control system to precisely control the temperature and time during the porcelain firing process, ensuring the quality of porcelain firing while improving work efficiency. The BT-L3 Pro 3D printer also received high recognition from the industry due to its high-precision printing and wide applicability.   During the exhibition, our company engaged in deep discussions with oral healthcare experts from around the world, exploring industry trends and technological innovation directions. Ms. Zmandar's professional demonstration not only added a highlight to the exhibition but also provided a platform for our company to exchange ideas with industry insiders.   This exhibition, with its focus on innovation and quality, serves as a platform for us to convey our brand philosophy of "precise dentistry, exceptional quality" to the world. We firmly believe that only by continuously pursuing excellence can we provide patients with a better oral healthcare experience. In the future, our company will continue to dedicate itself to the research and development of innovative dental materials and technologies, providing the global dental industry with more high-quality and efficient products and services.   A...
Feb 07,2024
30th DSC Concludes Successfully, Dental Products Garner Attention
  Recently, the 30th Dental South China International Expo (DSC) successfully concluded in Guangzhou. This exhibition gathered numerous renowned enterprises in oral healthcare from both home and abroad. As a leading domestic producer of dental materials, our company showcased its popular products at the exhibition and received unanimous praise from customers and industry experts.       During the exhibition, our company focused on presenting two major product lines: dental porcelain powder and zirconia blocks. Among them, the dental porcelain powder stood out with its unique characteristics. This porcelain powder boasts a delicate texture, enabling the creation of naturally realistic teeth effects. Additionally, its excellent adhesion and wear resistance ensure both aesthetic appeal and durability for restored teeth. Furthermore, its good biocompatibility effectively safeguards patient safety.   The other much-lauded product is our zirconia block. This material is characterized by its high strength, toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance, earning widespread praise from participants. The zirconia block exhibits outstanding aesthetic effects, matching patients' tooth colors perfectly and providing long-lasting and stable restoration results due to its superior wear resistance and longevity. Whether it's for complex oral restoration surgeries or daily dental aesthetics, the zirconia block demonstrates its remarkable performance.   Our staff provided detailed introductions and professional consultations on the product features and advantages at the exhibition. Meanwhile, we actively engaged in exchanges and collaborations with peers in the industry, exploring the trends and future directions of the oral healthcare sector.   This exhibition not only showcased our company's innovative strength and product advantages in the field of dental materials but also established a solid platform for communication with domestic and international customers. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer foremost," continuously developing new products and enhancing service quality, making greater contributions to the oral healthcare industry.   The successful conclusion of this Dental South China International Expo (DSC) injected new vitality into the development of the oral healthcare industry and laid a solid foundation for our company's future growth. We look forward to collaborating with more customers in the future, creating a brighter future together.
Mar 08,2024
Global Tour | Dental Technology Feast invites you to join us!
Dear friends: As dental technology continues to advance, we are honored to invite you to participate in a series of upcoming important exhibitions to present you with the latest industry trends and technological innovations.   Dubai AEEDC 2024 Date: February 6-8 Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE Booth: SRH07 We will provide you with professional demonstrations and guidance on-site from 10-12 am every day, focusing on the use skills of dental porcelain powder and stain & glaze. This will be an enlightening moment that will help you gain insight into the latest dental product applications.     Chicago Labday 2024 Date: February 23-24 Location: Hyatt Regency, Chicago Booth: W-15 We will showcase digital products and our latest glaze products dedicated to enhancing aesthetics. Come visit us at our booth, chat with our team, and learn how we can elevate dental craftsmanship with innovative products.     Guangzhou Dental South China 2024 Date: March 3-6 Location: Area C, China lmport and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China Booth: 15.2 G15 We look forward to meeting you at the Guangzhou South China Exhibition. During the exhibition, we will display a series of advanced dental products to provide you with a full range of solutions. Please visit our booth to experience product performance for yourself and learn about our latest research and development results.     These exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the dental field and are also a platform for networking with professionals in the same industry. We sincerely invite you to visit us, share your professional knowledge, and jointly promote the advancement of dental technology.   Thank you for your attention to our exhibition and we look forward to having an intimate communication with you at the event.
Feb 02,2024
See you at the AEEDC 2024 in Dubai!
  We cordially invite you to participate in the upcoming AEEDC 2024 in Dubai, scheduled from February 6th to 8th at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.   This exhibition is set to be a premier event in the global dental field, focusing on cutting-edge technological innovations and industry trends. Here, you will have the opportunity to engage with international industry elites, discussing the latest in dental products and solutions, collectively shaping the future of the sector.   Throughout the exhibition, we will showcase our latest high-quality dental consumables, including our proud line of Stain & Glaze paste. This product aims to provide dental professionals with a more precise and aesthetically pleasing staining experience, contributing to exceptional outcomes in your treatments.   We look forward to interactive discussions and seeking collaboration opportunities to drive innovation and development in the dental industry.   Our booth number is SRH07. Looking forward to seeing you here!
Jan 09,2024
A Warm Christmas Greetings to You All!
  In this season of warmth and celebration, as a dental materials manufacturer, we express our deepest gratitude and extend our sincerest wishes to you.   Dental Ceramics, Zirconia Block, and Aurora & Pink Stain Paste stand as our prideful flagship products. Much like the radiant lights on a Christmas tree, they infuse vibrant colors and high-class craftsmanship into your dental practices.   At this special moment, we want to thank you for your unwavering support. Your trust fuels our continuous progress. We firmly believe that through our outstanding dental materials, you can create perfect smiles for your patients, a fitting tribute to this season of compassion.   May you and your team feel the warmth and joy of the Christmas celebration. Simultaneously, we look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional dental materials in the coming year, assisting you in crafting more brilliant dental artistry.   Wishing you and your team a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with hope and success! In the days ahead, may we collaborate to shape a bright future for dental excellence.
Dec 25,2023
Precision Milling Solution for Titanium Material - Milling Machine TP5
  BAOT Dental has consistently dedicated itself to the continuous innovation of dental technology. Recognizing the modern dental industry's demand for efficient and precise equipment, BAOT decided to develop a dental titanium Material milling machine to meet the urgent need for efficient and precise processing. Through in-depth research into dental technology and precise insight into market demands, the decision was made to launch the TP5, a high-speed, fully automatic, 5-axis milling machine specifically designed for titanium processing.   Efficient Processing Titanium Milling Machine - TP5 The TP5 is an efficient fully automatic 5-axis milling machine capable of processing titanium discs and columns. A maximum speed of 60,000 revolutions per minute ensures great flexibility in processing angles. The machining of internal crowns and titanium columns takes only about 15-20 minutes, resulting in smooth, angle-free finished products, significantly improving work quality and efficiency.   This equipment features an integrated computer and touch screen, providing users with a user-friendly operating experience. Its high-precision lead screw guide rail ensures milling accuracy, while the robust one-piece cast aluminum structure ensures stability and long-term operation.   The TP5 is equipped with a high-performance spindle that supports automatic tool changes and intelligent features such as power failure memory, ensuring uninterrupted milling. The design includes an integrated cooling system to guarantee optimal performance. Additionally, the TP5 comes with timely after-sales service and online remote maintenance support, making it the preferred solution for reliable and precise milling operations.   In summary, the launch of the BAOT Dental Titanium Disc Milling Machine is not just a product upgrade but also a proactive response to the development of dental technology. The introduction of the TP5 titanium milling machine is poised to propel the entire industry forward, providing dental professionals with more advanced and efficient tools to excel in patient treatment.
Nov 29,2023
BAOT Aurora & Pink Staining Kit: Designed to Meet Aesthetic Restorations Need
  Since we launched dental porcelain powder and dental zirconia blocks, the products have been well-received for their excellent stability, ease of use and natural results. Today, with the acceleration of the digitalization process, digital dental restoration products have gradually become popular in many countries and regions. In order to get natural and beautiful results of restorations better and more efficiently, we have specially developed a new product for all-ceramic restorations - BAOT Aurora Staining Kit for Universal & Pink Staining Kit for Gingiva.   Each color of the newly developed staining paste is developed based on the characteristics of natural teeth, such as the fluorescence and transparency of teeth, tooth fissures, the internal structure of the gums, gum vessels, gum tissue, etc. What you see is what you get in color, there is no difference before and after sintering, and it has strong wear resistance. The paste has a moderate consistency and is easy to use. It can help technicians use staining techniques to obtain aesthetic and natural restoration results simply and quickly in a short time.     BAOT Aurora Kit for Universal The Aurora set is a universal set with 46 colors. This set of universally designed staining tools is the dental technician's right-hand assistant. It provides excellent staining results and is suitable for all kinds of dental restoration work, whether it is tooth restoration or other oral restoration projects. The special design of the BAOT Aurora Kit ensures precise and natural dyeing results, meeting the high requirements of professionals.     BAOT Pink Kit for Gingiva A 15-color set specifically designed for gums, the BAOT Pink Kit excels in meeting specific needs. It provides more personalized staining options to meet the staining requirements of gums and oral soft tissues. This kit gives dental professionals greater flexibility and room for creativity.   Both staining kits are designed with dental technicians in mind, providing high-quality staining results while increasing work efficiency. We understand the needs of dental professionals and the BAOT Aurora and Pink stain kits are designed to meet these needs.   Whether you are looking for a general staining solution or staining tools designed specifically for your gums, this innovative product line from BAOT will meet your expectations.   For more information about BAOT Aurora and Pink staining kits, please contact us. We look forward to sharing more details with you.
Oct 25,2023

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