• BAOT at Dental Show in Guangzhou China 2023
    BAOT at Dental Show in Guangzhou China 2023
      On February 26, the 28th Dental South China International Expo came to a successful conclusion. Dental South China International Expo is not only the vane of the dental industry but also a platform for product display and academic exchange. As the opening ceremony of the new year, this exhibition will bring a new atmosphere of 2023 to the dental industry!   We are here! As a manufacturer of dental materials, BAOT has attracted much attention for its star products such as porcelain powder.   BAOT Master Kit BAOT metal porcelain powder and zirconia porcelain powder are popular as always. Domestic and foreign customers consult product information.   BAOT 3D Printer The Next Stop More than walking, more than innovation. The end of the South China Exhibition is also the beginning of the next stop.   In March, BAOT will go to the IDS International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Looking forward to meeting you at the Cologne International Exhibition Center in Germany. See you there!  
    Mar 01,2023
  • Exhibition Invitation
    Exhibition Invitation
      Cologne IDS 2023 IDS 2023 in Cologne, Germany will be held on March 14, 2023 This will be the 100th anniversary of the IDS held in Cologne, Germany We are at Hall 11.3, Stand H080, and looking forward to your arrival!     Dental South China International Expo 2023 Dental South China International Expo in Guangzhou, China will be held on February 23, 2023 This is the top dental show in China, where manufacturers of dental equipment and materials gather We are at Hall 15.2, G15, and we look forward to seeing you!   Extensive Dental Restoration Solutions For different restoration requirements, we provide a variety of solutions: Classic dental restoration materials—dental porcelain powder; digital materials—zirconia blocks; and auxiliary restoration tools—burs, grinding heads, etc.   BAOT sincerely invites you to visit! Hope to see you here!
    Feb 11,2023
  • Happy Spring Festival!
    Happy Spring Festival!
      Dear friends,   The Spring Festival is approaching, we will be on holiday from Jan.19th to Jan.28th, 2023. Please kindly arrange your order in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.   During the holidays, all your inquiries are accepted as normal, please feel free to send us a message.   Here BAOT team shares the happiness of the Chinese new year with you: Good health, good luck, and a happy new year!
    Jan 16,2023
  • We wish you a happy new year!
    We wish you a happy new year!
        We wish you a happy new year! Much joy to you in the upcoming year. May the warmest wishes. Happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through. Good luck, good health, and good cheer. Send our blessing to the icing on the cake. We wish you a happy new year and all the best!   Hope for a brighter future in the coming up year Our products will be more abundant in the coming year and have more categories. Different milling machines will be added to our product array, and the new zirconium block dyeing system will also be launched soon. For the existing ceramic powder, zirconium block, and other products, we insist on serving our customers with the best quality products. Our pre-sales and after-sales services will continue to provide you with the best solutions all the time plan. See you next year!
    Jan 01,2023
  • BAOT in Peru
    BAOT in Peru
    BAOT in Peru BAOT and KOL Ernesto Larios Montano meet in Peru!   Ernesto is a dental technician with more than 18-year experience and a wealth of porcelain experience.     Distinctive As an old friend of BAOT, Ernesto's work is always full of surprises.  He was able to give his works ingenious originality and create works of great artistry. He was particularly good at using dental porcelain powder to create amazing works.   This time, KOL Ernesto will bring you a wonderful course on dental porcelain powder. We hope you can experience the fun of using dental porcelain powder under the guidance of Ernesto and get to know the profession of dental technician again. 
    May 14,2022
  • BAOT in the Republic of Moldova
    BAOT in the Republic of Moldova
    BAOT is Coming! Today BAOT and Mr. Michail Sledkov came to a historic country - Moldova, which is a country located in southeastern Europe. BAOT has been working in the Moldova market for many years and has accumulated many loyal customers.   Today's class is taught by Master Mr. Michail, who has worked as a dental technician for more than 25 years and has rich experience in producing dental restorations. His works are natural, lifelike and beautiful.   In this course, the master Mr. Michail Sledkov explained the operation skill of BAOT dental porcelain and zirconia blocks.   Then demonstrated how to build up a tooth with BAOT dental porcelain to the students on the spot. Students actively come forward to watch and learn the skills.   We hope everyone can gain something from the BAOT master class and use what they have learned to become an outstanding dental technician. 
    May 13,2022
  • BAOT Hands-on courses in Brazil
    BAOT Hands-on courses in Brazil
    BAOT in Brazil BAOT's dental porcelain powder hands-on course was perfectly ended in Brazil. In this course, BAOT KOL Bruno Marquesini brings professional technical guidance on the use of porcelain powder.     BAOT KOL Bruno Marquesini has over 10 years of experience as a dental technician and is the owner of the Marquesini Laboratory. He is experienced in the use of BAOT dental ceramic powder, and his works are esthetic and natural.     The course attracted students from all over Brazil to participate to learn how to perfectly build up prostheses of dental ceramics. In the course, everyone follows the lecturer Bruno and adjusts the details of the porcelain step by step to achieve the ideal result. After the course was over, the students returned with a full load. Everyone's satisfaction is our greatest happiness.  
    May 25,2022
  • MIIYEN — Dental Material Expert
    MIIYEN — Dental Material Expert
    MIIYEN is a sub-brand of BAOT, specializing in manufacturing dental zirconia blocks and other dental materials. We have 11 types of zirconia blocks, like ALL IN ONE 3D Pro ML zirconia blocks, HT- Plus white, UT Multilayer, etc. Different usage depends on their different flexural strength and light transmittance. Over 1400PMa high flexural strength HT-Plus white zirconia disc is strong enough that is suitable for crowns or bridges. While 3D Pro ML monolithic zirconia is the material that combines strength and esthetics with 42%-57% light transmittance and 800-1200MPa flexural strength, you can simply use it in almost all cases. That's why we call it ALL IN ONE zirconia block.
    Dec 12,2021
  • BAOT on Dental Exhibition in Guangzhou China 2022
    BAOT on Dental Exhibition in Guangzhou China 2022
    Dental Exhibition in Guangzhou China 2022 BAOT was so glad to meet you at Dental South China International Exhibition 2022. On that day, we not only meet our old friends but also made many new friends. This time BAOT came with a brand new dental effect porcelain powder. This dental ceramic powder is used to modify the special occlusal effect of natural human teeth. This new dental ceramic powder system of BAOT is easy to understand and operate due to our product design principle being easy to build up and improve work efficiency for every dental technician. While improving work efficiency, BAOT products also take into account aesthetics, nature and beauty is still the main concept of our products.
    Mar 02,2022
  • 2022 Dental South China International Exhibition
    2022 Dental South China International Exhibition
      Looking Forward to meeting all of you! The annual Dental South China International Expo will be held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou City, China, on March 2, 2022. It's the most anticipated dental feast in 2022! BAOT Biological Technology Co., Ltd is honored to be invited to participate in this great exhibition, we are looking forward to meeting all our friends in dentistry.   Who are we? As a pioneer in the field of dental ceramic/porcelain powder in China, BAOT has gained the trust of global dental technicians for over 10 years, and our dental porcelain powder, such as metal dental ceramic powder, zirconia dental ceramic powder, and other dental materials has obtained FDA, CE, ISO certification, etc. BAOT dental ceramic/porcelain powder is made by sintering, hot pressing, osmosis, electrophoresis, and other processes, its main components are feldspar, etc. It is the main material for making metal porcelain teeth and all porcelain teeth. It is widely used in clinical oral prostheses with beautiful color, high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, and stable chemical properties.   New products will be launched in this great exhibition BAOT dental modifier porcelain powder effect series will be launched in this exhibition. BAOT supplies 9 different colors for different parts of the denture, such as the incisal and occlusal surface. It is a kind of dental porcelain powder that can meet ultra-high aesthetic effects. During the exhibition, there will also be a professional dental technician to demonstrate the application method, look forward to your visit if you are interested in BAOT dental modifier porcelain powder effect series.
    Feb 28,2022

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