The Qingming Festival is coming! Apr 02, 2024

qingming festival


Dear Customers,


As the Qingming Festival approaches, we extend our sincere greetings and blessings to you during this season of spring's return and the revival of all things!


During the Qing-ming Festival, we have decided to arrange a holiday schedule. Please note that we will be closed for 3 days from April 4th to April 6th, and we will resume work on April 7th. The production and delivery services for products such as dental porcelain powder and zirconia blocks will be temporarily suspended during this period.


The Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, a day for honoring ancestors and recalling history. On this special day, we hope you can fully enjoy the pleasure of outings and appreciate the charm of nature.


During the holiday, if you have any needs or questions regarding products such as dental porcelain powder and zirconia blocks, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you promptly after the holiday.


Finally, we sincerely thank you for your long-term support and trust. Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, and blissful Qingming Festival holiday!


Best wishes from all of us:

Happy Qingming Festival!


Yours sincerely,


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