BAOT Master Class in Kazakhstan Apr 09, 2023

BAOT dental ceramics training course

This week, the BAOT master course in Kazakhstan attracted many dental technicians. This course is taught by Mr. Евгений Стоцкий, a master of dental technology. The course content focuses on the application technology of dental ceramic powder.


In the past few years, the application of dental ceramic powders has received more and more attention from dental technicians. These powders play a key role in the creation of crowns, bridges and other restorative dental procedures. In order to help dental technicians better understand and apply these materials, the BAOT master course specially invited Mr. Евгений Стоцкий, a master of dental technology.


Mr. Евгений Стоцкий has extensive experience in the preparation and application of ceramic powders. His unique insights and sharing of advanced techniques make the BAOT International Master's program an unmissable learning opportunity.


dental ceramics hands-on course


This course lasts for 2 days. Participants will master the technology of using the latest dental ceramic powder through theoretical study and practical operation. The course covers the selection, handling and application of ceramic powders. Participants will learn how to use these materials to produce high-quality crowns and bridges, and how to achieve the best clinical results in restorative dental procedures.


dental porcelain class BAOT


This course provides a learning platform for dental technicians. Participants can share experiences and solve challenges with their peers through interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations and technology sharing.


dental ceramics class in Kazakhstan


BAOT is committed to providing dental technicians with the latest educational resources and opportunities to drive growth and innovation in the industry. The excellent presentation by Mr. Евгений Стоцкий will bring valuable insights to the attendees and help to improve their technical level in the field of dental ceramic powder applications.


Through this course, dental technicians will be able to make better use of dental ceramic powders to provide patients with more aesthetic, durable and clinically compliant dental restoration solutions. This will further promote progress in the field of dental technology and improve the level of global dental care.

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