Precision Milling Solution for Titanium Material - Milling Machine TP5 Nov 29, 2023

BAOT TP5 Precision Milling Machine for Titanium Material


BAOT Dental has consistently dedicated itself to the continuous innovation of dental technology. Recognizing the modern dental industry's demand for efficient and precise equipment, BAOT decided to develop a dental titanium Material milling machine to meet the urgent need for efficient and precise processing. Through in-depth research into dental technology and precise insight into market demands, the decision was made to launch the TP5, a high-speed, fully automatic, 5-axis milling machine specifically designed for titanium processing.


Efficient Processing Titanium Milling Machine - TP5

The TP5 is an efficient fully automatic 5-axis milling machine capable of processing titanium discs and columns. A maximum speed of 60,000 revolutions per minute ensures great flexibility in processing angles. The machining of internal crowns and titanium columns takes only about 15-20 minutes, resulting in smooth, angle-free finished products, significantly improving work quality and efficiency.


This equipment features an integrated computer and touch screen, providing users with a user-friendly operating experience. Its high-precision lead screw guide rail ensures milling accuracy, while the robust one-piece cast aluminum structure ensures stability and long-term operation.


The TP5 is equipped with a high-performance spindle that supports automatic tool changes and intelligent features such as power failure memory, ensuring uninterrupted milling. The design includes an integrated cooling system to guarantee optimal performance. Additionally, the TP5 comes with timely after-sales service and online remote maintenance support, making it the preferred solution for reliable and precise milling operations.


In summary, the launch of the BAOT Dental Titanium Disc Milling Machine is not just a product upgrade but also a proactive response to the development of dental technology. The introduction of the TP5 titanium milling machine is poised to propel the entire industry forward, providing dental professionals with more advanced and efficient tools to excel in patient treatment.

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