BAOT Aurora & Pink Staining Kit: Designed to Meet Aesthetic Restorations Need Oct 25, 2023

Dental Staining Paste Universal Gum


Since we launched dental porcelain powder and dental zirconia blocks, the products have been well-received for their excellent stability, ease of use and natural results. Today, with the acceleration of the digitalization process, digital dental restoration products have gradually become popular in many countries and regions. In order to get natural and beautiful results of restorations better and more efficiently, we have specially developed a new product for all-ceramic restorations - BAOT Aurora Staining Kit for Universal & Pink Staining Kit for Gingiva.


Each color of the newly developed staining paste is developed based on the characteristics of natural teeth, such as the fluorescence and transparency of teeth, tooth fissures, the internal structure of the gums, gum vessels, gum tissue, etc. What you see is what you get in color, there is no difference before and after sintering, and it has strong wear resistance. The paste has a moderate consistency and is easy to use. It can help technicians use staining techniques to obtain aesthetic and natural restoration results simply and quickly in a short time.


BAOT Dental Staining Kit for Universal


BAOT Aurora Kit for Universal

The Aurora set is a universal set with 46 colors. This set of universally designed staining tools is the dental technician's right-hand assistant. It provides excellent staining results and is suitable for all kinds of dental restoration work, whether it is tooth restoration or other oral restoration projects. The special design of the BAOT Aurora Kit ensures precise and natural dyeing results, meeting the high requirements of professionals.


BAOT Dental Pink Kit for Gingiva Gum


BAOT Pink Kit for Gingiva

A 15-color set specifically designed for gums, the BAOT Pink Kit excels in meeting specific needs. It provides more personalized staining options to meet the staining requirements of gums and oral soft tissues. This kit gives dental professionals greater flexibility and room for creativity.


Both staining kits are designed with dental technicians in mind, providing high-quality staining results while increasing work efficiency. We understand the needs of dental professionals and the BAOT Aurora and Pink stain kits are designed to meet these needs.


Whether you are looking for a general staining solution or staining tools designed specifically for your gums, this innovative product line from BAOT will meet your expectations.


For more information about BAOT Aurora and Pink staining kits, please contact us. We look forward to sharing more details with you.

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