"Pink and White" Course Empowers Dental Professionals Jul 16, 2023

baot dental ceramic master class


Dental professionals in El Salvador have a unique opportunity to improve their skills in dental ceramics with the BAOT ceramics training course "Pink and White". The two-day intensive course took place on July 14-15 and was hosted by BAOT's KOL Ernesto Larios.


The course focuses on the use of metal porcelain powder and gingival porcelain. Participants are exposed to a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, delving into the nuances of creating realistic dental ceramic restorations. With his extensive expertise in dental ceramics, Ernesto Larios shares valuable insights and techniques to achieve the desired 'pink and white' effect - prosthetics and patients' Seamless fusion between natural gum tissue.


baot dental porcelain KOL class


Participants praised the hands-on approach of the course, allowing them to experiment with different materials and gain precision when working with dental ceramics. Many people expressed their gratitude to BAOT for organizing such educational activities, which not only enriched their professional skills but also broadened their artistic horizons.


BAOT is a leading organization dedicated to advancing dental education and research and has been at the forefront of supporting dental professionals in their pursuit of excellence. By offering specialist training courses such as "Pink and White", they aim to equip dentists and technicians with the latest technology and knowledge in the field of dental ceramics.


With the ever-increasing demand for aesthetic dental restorations, the BAOT Ceramics training course "Pink and White" has undoubtedly played a key role in upskilling dental professionals and ensuring patients receive the highest quality care to leave them with great smiles. Both radiant and natural.


With the success of the recent training program, BAOT is poised to continue organizing similar events in the future to provide a platform for dental practitioners to enhance their expertise and deliver excellence in dental care to their patients.


baot dental ceramic

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