BAOT Training Workshop Welcomed in Ecuador Aug 05, 2023

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In early August this year, our opinion leader, Ernesto Larios, successfully hosted a remarkable Metal Ceramic Powder Training Workshop in Ecuador. The workshop garnered enthusiastic participation from dental professionals and technicians nationwide, providing them with a unique opportunity to delve deep into BAOT's metal ceramic powder.


Highlights of the Workshop

During this meticulously planned workshop, Ernesto shared his extensive expertise and experience in metal-ceramic powders with the attendees. Participants had hands-on experience and demonstrations, gaining profound insights into BAOT's distinctive dental porcelain powder system, including usage techniques and precautions. BAOT's metal ceramic powders stand out for their ease of use, catering to the needs of every dental technician. Apart from offering 16+26 Vita classic shades to meet fundamental requirements, BAOT also provides an Effect Porcelain series to fulfill more advanced aesthetic needs.


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Furthermore, Ernesto shared valuable information about BAOT Corporation's JC series of metal ceramics, specially designed for metal dentures. This series is easy to work with and boasts low sintering shrinkage and tight integration between each layer. It offers dental technicians greater flexibility and options for diverse patient needs.


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Looking Ahead to the Future

The success of this workshop signifies BAOT Corporation's continuous growth in the Latin American market and presents more opportunities for dental professionals in the region to learn and collaborate. BAOT Corporation remains committed to investing resources, supporting the dental community, and driving industry innovation. They look forward to achieving more milestones and advancements in the dental field to ensure patients receive the highest quality oral care.

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