BAOT Shines at Dubai AEEDC Dental Exhibition with Innovative Dental Materials Feb 07, 2024

MIIYEN Zirconia Block Multilayer Material


We are so glad to be here — at the Dubai AEEDC 2024 Dental Exhibition, showcasing a range of dental materials and technological products, and inviting experienced dental technician Ms. Rayena Zmandar to demonstrate the usage of our dental porcelain powder and Aurora & Pink stain paste, garnering praise from your alike. This exhibition not only showcased our company's latest achievements in the field of dental materials but also further promoted global cooperation and exchange in the oral healthcare industry.


Stain and Glaze Dental Aurora Pink


As a global dental materials industry, our company exhibited several star products. Dental porcelain powder attracted much attention due to its excellent biocompatibility and aesthetics. This product, made with advanced technology, boasts excellent wear resistance and color stability, meeting the individual needs of different patients. At the same time, staining enamel paste also became a highlight of the exhibition with its rich color options and excellent adhesion. The enamel paste can precisely adjust tooth color, achieving natural and realistic restoration effects, and providing more possibilities for oral aesthetics. During the exhibition, Ms. Zmandar's professional demonstration allowed visitors to gain a more intuitive understanding of the correct usage and techniques of porcelain powder and staining enamel paste, with everyone expressing great benefit from the demonstration.


In addition, our exhibited zirconia blocks also received widespread attention due to their high strength and excellent biosafety. Moreover, the BT-M100 dental porcelain furnace became a focal point of the exhibition due to its efficient and precise performance. This equipment utilizes an intelligent control system to precisely control the temperature and time during the porcelain firing process, ensuring the quality of porcelain firing while improving work efficiency. The BT-L3 Pro 3D printer also received high recognition from the industry due to its high-precision printing and wide applicability.


During the exhibition, our company engaged in deep discussions with oral healthcare experts from around the world, exploring industry trends and technological innovation directions. Ms. Zmandar's professional demonstration not only added a highlight to the exhibition but also provided a platform for our company to exchange ideas with industry insiders.


This exhibition, with its focus on innovation and quality, serves as a platform for us to convey our brand philosophy of "precise dentistry, exceptional quality" to the world. We firmly believe that only by continuously pursuing excellence can we provide patients with a better oral healthcare experience. In the future, our company will continue to dedicate itself to the research and development of innovative dental materials and technologies, providing the global dental industry with more high-quality and efficient products and services.


At the same time, we also look forward to collaborating with more outstanding professionals to jointly promote the progress and development of the oral healthcare industry. Let us join hands to create a better future!

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