What is dental zirconia all-porcelain crown? Apr 13, 2022

Dental zirconia all-porcelain crown

Dental zirconia all-porcelain crown is a new technology of denture filling technology, this kind of restoration material can last for years or decades with proper care and dental checkups.


What is dental zirconia all-porcelain crown?  

Dental zirconia all-porcelain crown is also the name of the material category of the all-porcelain crown denture. In fact, it can be divided into glass ceramic and zirconia two types of dentures. Dental zirconia all-porcelain crown is one of the new technologies in dentistry.  


All porcelain crown is generally made of lithium disilicate dental glass ceramic, and another made by dental zirconium dioxide disc in one piece is called the dental zirconium dentures or crowns.


The main characteristics of zirconia dentures are that the material hardness is harder than the enamel of real teeth, the material is stable and not oxidized, the compatibility with the human body is high, it is not easy to allergic, and it can avoid the dyeing problem of metal dentures after wearing for a long time.  In the early stage of the development of all-ceramic crown technology, many materials were used as all-ceramic dentures, such as alumina and garnet, and various materials were used as all-ceramic crowns. With the practical use, it was verified that the all-ceramic crown of zirconia has the highest bending strength, and forms the present all-ceramic crown of zirconia.  


What conditions are suitable for zirconia all-porcelain crowns?  

Zirconium was full crown is hard, but easy to produce white color is not the natural situation but in combination with glass ceramic easy to shape and appearance characteristics of beautiful color, also become the zirconium dioxide full porcelain crown both on the two characteristics, zirconium all ceramic crown outer stack, on glaze build administrative levels feeling of the color, make the zirconium dioxide full porcelain crown to use not only durable, but appearance also can maintain at the same time.  


Zirconia all-porcelain crown is suitable for most the tooth defects, zirconia all-porcelain crown not only has high hardness but also has appearance repair function, because the combination of glass ceramics and zirconia makes the beauty and hardness better sublimation, zirconia all-porcelain crown is suitable for use,  zirconia all-porcelain crowns are suitable for patients with insufficient denture due to root canal treatment protection, patients with large scale caries resin and dental caries that cannot be filled, patients with large scale teeth defects due to external forces, and patients with dental bridge repair when teeth are missing.  

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