Become a dental technician Nov 04, 2022

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Become a dental technician

Some people want a job or career that is different. If you have advanced aesthetics and a rich imagination, you may be interested in becoming a dental technician. You will create crowns, bridges, and other dentures with dental porcelain powder, lithium disilicate, dental zirconia blocks for dental restoration use, etc. according to your dentist's instructions. This requires you to have excellent manual skills, sensitive tones and color discrimination. The job requires care and precision, which means you must take the time to complete the job carefully to ensure it is done efficiently.


Those who are artistically creative may not be able to find an art-related job, but for a dental technician, this is a job that showcases their artistic creativity to the fullest. The dentist will send you an order and you will tailor the denture to the patient, you must adjust it to the needs of the specific patient, look at the patient's mouth mold, see what's going on around the teeth and gums, choose a suitable dental restorative material, and create a restoration that fits perfectly in the patient's mouth.


Some schools offer a formal program as a dental technician, most offer a 2-year associate degree program, but some offer a 4-year program leading to a bachelor's degree. Some dental offices only offer practical training for social staff, but most prefer those with formal education. Once you've been trained, you can get certified.

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Dental technicians have many opportunities for advancement. Once you have experience, you can become a laboratory supervisor or manager. Some dental technicians will open their own dental laboratories, and some will cooperate with dental material suppliers to provide external teaching. With so many opportunities, this is a great career for those who like to be different.

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